This company is a specialized production each kind of revertex product, fitting’s enterprise, the collection design, the die sinking, the manufacture, the processing is a body. The company has the regular industry workshop, a series of modernized equipment, high skill staff and high quality administrative personnels. The company in line with “the good faith win-win, innovates unceasingly, strives for perfection” the management idea, high standard, strict request, science operation, produces various high quality artistic, the practical durable product and the fitting wholeheartedly for the general customers, receives the user the universal high praise. The company produces each kind of revertex buckle has, the fitting, for example: Link, buckle, pole lock, wheel, handle, clothes rack and so on, the materials are fine, the manufacture is fine, the tenacity is good, degree of hardness is high, the variety are many, the use is broad, the function is complete, is widely applied in each kind of handbag, knapsack, handbag, mountaineering bag, travel bag, suitcase, book bag and so on things. Welcome the customer to deign to inquire your help, the incoming sample has custom-made.